Salty x RockyCay - Sand Free Beach Towel


The front side of the towels feature original photographic prints by Salty Gallery, and the other side of the towel features the classic RockyCay stripes that everyone loves. The combination looks just fantastic!

Soft texture
Sand repellent
Dries 3 times faster than regular cotton towels 
Highly strong and durable.  Perfect for outdoor activities.
Pouch included

Product Specs:

Towel Material:  RCUltraDry™  88% Polyester / 12% Polyamide
Towel size:  160 x 80cm / 64 x 36"
Towel weight: 375g
Pouch material: 100% cotton
Pouch size:  26 x 16cm / 11 x 7"


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